strong_women_quote_frenchbydesign_2-300x300“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

There is something incredible and powerful that happens when women come together and celebrate each other. There is an unspoken bond that is formed which is nearly unbreakable. You can call it sisterhood, you can call it a tribe, or you can call it badassery. Whatever it is, it’s an empowering force that helps women to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize that they are a source of change.

It’s in my nature to lift other people up when they succeed. I’m not competitive–not in the sense where I try to compete against others. My only competition in life is myself. I’m the only person I ever need to answer to, and I like the way that feels. When I see other women living successful lives, building incredible careers and living out their dreams, I get butterflies. I love watching them rise because I know that they are building something that will inspire every woman that comes after them.

I have often said to other women that their success is my success. Why? Because when other women succeed as writers, designers, fitness experts, or anything really, they pave the way for others to follow the path. They say loud and clear that you can do this. They are saying that you are enough and you can be whatever you want to be.

I look at women like Misty Copeland—a woman I love and admire who against all odds persevered and became the first African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. There were many obstacles in her way, but she pushed forward and did what she loved, and now her success has turned many girls dreams into a possibility. They can now say that it is possible for me, a young black girl, to be a principal dancer and a professional ballerina because Misty Copeland paved the way.

There are many Misty Copeland’s in the world. You don’t need to have world-wide success or national recognition to be the source of inspiration for others. You can be a badass woman to 5 women or 500 women, the number doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you are doing what you love, empowering others to do the same, and paving the way for anyone who follows.

So how does one empower?

It’s really easy and very simple. You support the women in your life and their endeavors. You lift them up and celebrate their successes. You share their gifts with others and shine a light on them. You help, you listen, you congratulate, you recognize and you love.

I can’t tell you how important this is ladies. I know you have a special woman in your life right now who inspires and empowers you. How can you empower them in return?

Right now there are some women in my life that are amazing and have inspired me to be the best version of myself. They are strong and incredible and I love them, and I think you will love them too!

Diane Flores is the shit! Like seriously. This woman was thinking way outside of the box before I even knew that it was possible. She courageously opened the first and only Pole Fitness studio in Modesto, CA–creating an incredible space for women to learn to love and embrace their bodies. She personally changed my life and I am m forever grateful to her and Venus Pole Fitness. Diane is also one of the owners of the best old school gym in Modesto, CA —Intersport Fitness.



Claudia Martinez is just amazing! She does it all and delivers it with a smile. She took her love of cooking combined with her love of fitness and created FitFuel—a healthy meal prep company that provides home cooked clean eating, paleo, hcg and vegan meals on the go. Her food is incredible and so is she! Claudia is also one of the owners of the best old school gyms in Modesto, CA —Relentless Fitness.


Erin Brown is my muse. I met Erin at the Radiance Retreat in 2015 and we immediately had a connection. She is as real as it gets and her words touch and inspire me in ways I can’t even explain. She is in her own words, “Unafraid to be big, in presence or in thighs.” She is the author of “As Is” and newly released “Letters to Lola.” If you don’t already know about this woman, you must! She also thinks I’m a badass woman (read it), which is in itself pretty badass. It is the epitome of empowerment when your muse empowers you too!


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