Empower yourself with the gift of Forgiveness

Are you ready to raise your vibrations?

Empowered forgiveness will teach you how to finally let go of the past and release the things that no longer serve you. You will learn how to release the blocks of fear, shame and anger, and open your heart to loving kindness and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is our Superpower


Your Neighbor Has Probably Seen You Naked

It's true whether you want to admit it or not. They have most likely seen you in your barest form and it's not exactly what you think. Some people may call it spying, but truthfully it's just human nature. We love to people watch, and believe it or not, your neighbors...

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Are You Of Great Mind or Small Mind?

When you speak, do you speak with love or with fear? Do you speak with integrity or do you release emotional garbage about yourself and others? Are you living in your great mind of truth and love, or are you trapped in your small mind of fear and jealousy?

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